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Conference program

Parent Institute, March 16


Sponsors and Exhibitors

We are back in person!

NYSABE is proud and excited to host its 45th annual conference March 16 to 18, 2023.  We are planning a space in which we can come together as a learning community to focus on the unique needs of our multilingual learners (MLLs) and their families as a way of empowering them to ensure they reach their maximum potential. The conference will feature workshops, speakers, and informational sessions highlighting current instructional, social-emotional, and education-related issues that we are facing.  We will also engage in conversations on how, we as a learning community, are transforming education to ensure diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

NYSABE is also proud to present the Leadership Strand for current and prospective educators in leadership roles seeking to learn more about effective programs for MLLs.  This strand will offer inspiring direction for educational leaders, researchers, and other stakeholders involved in the education of multilingual learners.

Participants will attend sessions addressing bilingual/bicultural approaches, inclusive instructional practices, Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education, and much more. In addition, resources for bilingual education programs/components, including transitional bilingual, English as a new language, dual language, bilingual special education, and home language arts will be covered.


Priscilla Zárate, NYSABE President 2022-2023

Nancy Villarreal de Adler, NYSABE Executive Director, NYSABE Past President 1994-1995

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Kami (pronounced kah-MEE) Anderson is an interculturalist, scholar and language advocate who has always kept a tight grip on her passion and compassion for others and difference through language. Her primary focus is family empowerment through language with an emphasis on application and confidence.  Dr. Anderson is the founder and CEO of Bilingual Brown Babies and creator of a revolutionary online program that meets Black families where they are in their journey to bilingualism.  She has published extensively in both English and Spanish in scholarly and trade journals as well as in national US news publications.


Rosa María Bramble is a bilingual licensed clinical social worker who serves as President of Caballero Counseling and Consulting Services. She founded the Venezuelan Alliance for Community Support, Inc., to address the needs of Venezuelan refugees and Latinx survivors of trauma at all stages of migration. Rosa conducts forensic biopsychosocial evaluations for asylum and immigration cases, and she provides expert testimony on trauma and the impact of deportation on children and families. Rosa is an adjunct lecturer at Columbia University School of Social Work and is frequently sought after for consultation and collaboration in legal and advocacy services, maternal health, gender-based violence, unaccompanied minors, and trauma-informed care.
Carla España, Ph.D. is a New York-based educator from Chile, researcher, and writer. Dr. España’s teaching, writing, and research live at the intersection of bilingual education, children’s literature, language ideologies, curriculum development, Latinx studies, and teacher education. Dr. España is Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education and Puerto Rican/Latinx and Latin American Studies at Brooklyn College, City University of New York. She is the co-author of En Comunidad: Lessons for Centering the Voices and Experiences of Bilingual Latinx Students and Translanguaging Collection: Affirming Bilingual and Multilingual Readers. María Pérez-Gómez holds a B.A. in Communications and a minor in Vocal Technique from Sacred Heart University of Puerto Rico and Buffalo State College. She is the Managing Director for Raíces Theatre Company and Assistant Director for Vive, a shelter for asylum seekers. Recently, she co-wrote and directed the play ISLEÑA. She has written plays and musicals for Raíces’ annual 10-minute play festival, Desde el Puente. One musical is now a children’s book, The Magical Closet Mystery: A Puerto Rican Adventure published by Berry Powell Press in 2022. María’s book debuted as the number one new release in Children’s Multicultural Literature.
Helio A. Sepúlveda Z. is a NYC high school teacher. He grew up in Colombia and came to the US as a teenager. His academic journey includes degrees in Performing Arts, Applied Linguistics, and Applied Theater. His NYS certifications include TESOL, Spanish, Special Education, and Theater. Every year he facilitates a creative process with young immigrants in which they create plays looking at the world critically and exploring ways to make it better. His latest thesis project, “Applied Theatre with a Translanguaging Stance: Working juntos viabilizando critical thinking” received the “Outstanding Thesis of the Year Award” from the American Academy of Theatre and Education.

Julie Zuckerman is the founding principal of Castle Bridge School, a public, progressive, integrated, inclusive, bilingual elementary school in NYC. Julie learned about progressive education through teaching at PS 3 in Manhattan for 18 years. After writing her dissertation about PS 3 and her two children had graduated from there, she became the principal of Central Park East 1. While at CPE1, the school restructured so each class was inclusive and mixed age. It was not until planning for and opening Castle Bridge, that Julie committed to further enriching each child’s learning experience by adding dual language into the school’s foundation.