Region V Delegate

Enid De Jesús-López


Enid De Jesús-López, Region V Delegate

Enid is the Director of Transition Systems for the Rochester City School District (RCSD). She works at the Office of Student Equity and Placement supervising the Language Assessment Proficiency Center (LAPC), as well as supporting students in the Juvenile Justice and foster care systems. Enid started her career at RCSD in 2003 as a school counselor and her passion for supporting students and families led her to earn a degree in School Administration. In 2017, when Enid began working with LAPC, she worked to streamline protocols and procedures, advocate for bilingual programs and services for English Language Learners/Multilingual Learners. In 2018, she championed for additional services for SIFE students, which resulted in the implementation of the BRIDGES program through collaboration with R-BERN and district level administration. Enid is pleased to serve as a delegate of NYSABE for the Rochester region and work to strengthen the collaboration of bilingual educators. 

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