Region II Delegate

Lisa Pineda


Lisa Pineda, Region II Delegate

Lisa Pineda, born in Brooklyn, NY, of a Puerto Rican mother and Honduran father, serves as the Associate Director of Partnerships and Family and Student Programs for the Division of Multilingual Learners and Family Community Partnerships at the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE). For the past 11 years, Lisa has dedicated her career to supporting family and student empowerment. She has held positions at NYC DOE as the Director of Family Engagement at the Office of Family and Community Empowerment and the Office of Cluster One Office, serving over 300 schools. As the Family Leadership Coordinator at The Office of High School Superintendents, Lisa led borough and citywide training for parent coordinators, school administrators, and parent leaders. She has coached new principals and assistant principals on school-parent connections and parent leadership structures. She also supported the design of the first Welcome Centers at the Thomas Jefferson Campus and the Franklin K Lane Campus in Brooklyn. In her current role at the Division of Multilingual Learners, Lisa collaborates with organizations to develop culturally responsive programs that promote education advocacy for parents and students, particularly newcomers and students in temporary housing. As the supervisor of the Angelo Del Toro Puerto/Rican Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute, Lisa works in collaboration with the RBERNs at Fordham University and New York University as well as the NYSED/NYC DOE Seal of Biliteracy initiatives to provide students with greater opportunities for success.

In addition to working at the NYC Department of Education, Lisa has experience in organizing study and travel abroad programs for students to Europe, Asia, Middle East and The University of Rio Piedras in Puerto Rico.

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