María Teresa (Maite) Sánchez


Maite (María Teresa) Sánchez, Delegate-at-Large

Maite (María Teresa) Sánchez is an Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching at Hunter College. She is also Project Advisor for the CUNY-New York State Initiative for Emergent Bilinguals (CUNY-NYSIEB) ( where she served as its Project Director from 2012 until August 2017. Before arriving to New York, she was a Senior Research Associate at the Education Development Center (EDC) where she worked on several projects relating to issues of emergent bilinguals. For the past 14 years, Maite has conducted research, professional development, technical assistance, and evaluation studies of policies and practices for educating language minoritized students, in bilingual education, English as a New Language, and mainstream settings. Maite’s research focuses on language education policy and practice, instruction for language minoritized students through bilingual education and other educational settings, translanguaging, and the experiences of novice bilingual education teachers entering the profession. Maite has served as NYSABE’s Treasurer since September 2015.

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