President Elect

Eva García


President Elect, Eva Garcia

Eva García is currently the Executive Director of the New York City RBE-RN at Fordham University which serves all NYC school districts. In her role as Executive Director, she works with a professional team of resource specialists delivering high quality services to educators working with multilingual learners (MLLS) in schools throughout New York City. As a state funded program, the NYC RBE-RN offers professional development opportunities for ENL, bilingual, content area teachers, administrators and counselors working with MLLs. While technical assistance and support for the implementation of Commissioners Regulation Part 154 and Title III is a key component of the professional services offered, the academic achievement of MLLs is at the forefront as a priority in the RBE-RN’s comprehensive plan.  Additionally, the RBE-RN is actively promoting an initiative supported by NYSED whose goal is to engage practitioners and stakeholders in dialogues that focus on increasing graduation rates for MLLs. Eva holds a Master’s of Science and a Master’s of Education degrees from Hunter College and Columbia University, Teachers College. Prior to her retirement in 2006, she worked for the NYC Department of Education for thirty-two years, eighteen of which were dedicated to serving as a school principal. In 2007, Eva joined the BETAC team at Fordham University, and later on, she became the director of the Bronx BETAC and the NYC RBE-RN.

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