Region V Delegate

Meybol Sapienza


Meybol Sapienza, Region V Delegate

Meybhol Sapienza is currently serving as an Assistant Principal at the James Monroe High School, Rochester City School District (RCSD). She has been working in Bilingual Education since 2004 and in Bilingual Special Education since 2012 at RCSD.  In 2007, Meybhol became an administrator in the same district, and in 2013, moved to building administration serving as one of the first bilingual coordinating administrators of Special Education.  Meybhol was born in Nicaragua and in the early 1980s, she and her family migrated to the United States. Meybhol believes in her dual role as an advocate and educator.  She is passionate and dedicated to working with multilingual students, their teachers and support staff.  Meybhol strives to promote and advocate for bilingualism and bi-literacy.  At the present time, she is pleased to be able to serve as a NYSABE regional delegate representing Region V/Rochester. Her goal is to strengthen the spirit of collaboration among bilingual educators.

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